Quotes I come here for one thing: smoking and drinking on the best patio with the best waitresses in NoHo. That's a lot of ONE THING, but that's the vibe I'm looking for on a Thurs or Fri night after 8PM. I can already hear the heavy bass of the Middle Eastern dance music thumping as I walk up. My waitress Helen greets me with a smile and Mido--the owner/chef--comes out to say hello as well. I take my usual seat with my back to the wall so I can view the entire enormous patio (now half covered by a new metal awning) and the blooming tree on the corner. Helen brings the whiskey and I pack my pipe with some Trout Stream for a relaxing evening. These guys specialize in hookah as well and the sweet smell of their house blend mixes well with my pipe tobacco. Soon enough my friends are joining me, Mido stops by again and recommends the soujouk sausage and the hummus with filet mignon, and the evening at Pyramido is now complete for hours to come. I'll be back again soon... Quotes
Geoff G.

Quotes Best food you can get also the best hookah at the best prices, deffinatley a great place to check out, relax, have some drinks and smoke hookah by the fire! NoHo best kept secrete! THE WORD IS OUT! Quotes
David A.

Quotes My friend was in LA for a day and was in the mood for some delicious Greek food. We decided to stop by Pyramido and I'm glad we did! We came on a weekday around lunch time and it was slow, and the chef (Mido) suggested the Greek salad. I added salmon. Best. Decision. Ever. Mido made the dressing and I begged him for some to take home. SO GOOD. My friend ordered a Chicken Gyro that came with fries, she liked it. We got hummus, that came with pita bread, and the feta cheese platter. Both were plenty to share. We wrapped up our lunch date with hookah on the patio. We mixed sex on the beach, passion kiss, and a hint of mint per Mido's request. Simply delightful. :-) I'll definitely be back! Quotes
Ashley L.

Quotes Extra ordinary. Amazing. Pure. Holy. Greatness. I couldn't be more satisfied. Off the hook as how some young teenagers describe it. Fast service. Amazing prices. Hookah packed by god himself!!!! Quotes
Robin H.

Quotes This is my favorite NoHo restaurant. The chicken shawarma is amazing! We have the same server/bartender/cook each time that we come. He is talented in each area and takes care of you in a quick manner. The homemade chai is delicious. This place has never disappointed. I'll always be a customer of this delightful restaurant! Quotes
Jaclyn A.

Quotes Bomb food, sweet waiters, great hookah! I come here pretty much every time I'm craving hookah. There is always cafe rouge and other great hookah lounges that are often loud, packed, and over crowded which can be good or bad. This place is absolutely perfect for the nights you feel like smoking hookah, eating great food, and actually relaxing, in a quiet, calm, environment. Give them a shot, You won't regret it. Quotes
Arman C.

Quotes This place is soooo coool!!! the vibe is so chill!!!! Best hookah, best food, best prices... its my new favorite place!!!! its great that theres also a full bar and they stay open until 2am! LOVE IT! Quotes
Banana Z.

Quotes Must try the chicken kabob plate with rice. I love their garlic sauce on pita bread. This is my absolute favorite dish, to be quite honest, it's the only dish I've tried. Friendly staff. They offer a small selection of beer as well. Quotes
Jessica R.

Quotes My first time here was about a week ago, I just moved down the street and was checking out new spots! So lucky to have come across this awesome place!! Good food, good atmosphere and great service!! looking forward to trying there hookah!! :) Def gotta give this place a try!! Quotes
Sarah R.

Quotes If you only have time for something quick the seasoned garlic fries are great... then again the hummus is amazing too, so maybe get both. I've also had the gyros and that was great too. Quotes
Philip C.